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What to bring to @LANta.CON

(Much appreciation for all the material lifted, er, borrowed, from PhreakNIC and Moloch!)

  • At least one change of clean clothing; we reserve the right to toss anyone outright odorous into the nearest shower.
  • Tee-shirt money - it's hot in Atlanta sometimes, plus stuffs like food, hotel rooms, and airfare do cost money, start saving.
  • Cool cds, videotapes, audio tapes, books, zines
  • Anime
  • Your computer! (Bringing other people's computers sometimes upsets them.)
  • Your laptop, too (or 3, 4, or 5)
  • 10MB Ethernet card - at least 1 per computer
  • Every network cable you own - we're particularly fond of CAT5
  • An ethernet hub/switch - NO DAISY CHAINING! Bring enough ports to start with!
  • Data recording devices for lectures and to help fill in those missing time segments later (digital camera, camcorder, tape recorder, pen and notepad, uber sekkrit devices, etc.)
  • Recording Media (see above)
  • Extra camcorder batteries
  • Extra laptop batteries - already fully charged helps
  • Appropriate battery chargers
  • Extra floppies, zip disks, CDR's (be a hero to the (l)users who forgot theirs)
  • Every power cord you own
  • Every multi-outlet surge protector and/or extension cord you own
  • Serial cable with every combination of gender switchers & adapters
  • Coupler for Pay Phone Handset - For those offsite projects.
  • Your modem - just in case.
  • RJ11 Phone Cables - see above.
  • Toys! - Nothing more fun that hitting someone with a nerf gun once in a while.
  • Hacked scanner/ham tranceiver and all accessories/toys
  • Don't forget that antenna, extra batteries & AC/DC power adapter
  • Oh yeah, frequency lists, FCC database, etc.
  • Hacked cellphone
  • Toys for above
  • That Ramsey FM transmitter you built a few years back
  • Leatherman; toolbox full o' handtools
  • Lineman's handset
  • Soldering iron
  • Multimeter
  • Spare parts
  • An extra TV/VCR/CD player/turntable would be nice
  • All of your audio/video adapters & cables
  • Cool old funky obsolete stuff (Atari 2600, TRS-80, ???)
  • Stuff to sell/trade at the Bazaar
  • Coffee & Tea (We should have a coffee-maker there)
  • Coffee mug for the above or for trading when you Spot the Fed!
  • Photo ID! You can't ride the skies without it!
  • Aspirin, ibuprofen, acetaminophen, etc - it IS a two day party.
Remember: Possession, utilization, or transportation of certain substances, materials, devices, or equipment may attract 'special' attention from persons of the badge and gun carrying persuasion. Anything brought that may possibly fit into any of those categories is completely your responsibility\liability.
We don't want to know.
We don't know you.
We reserve the right to Three Monkey anything.
We *may* come visit you on Tuesdays, if we're bored enough.

YOU are responsible for your equipment At All Times!!!

Those who are bringing lots of stuff (computers, a/v gear, etc) to set up in the con room need to make two lists of their equipment, including make, model, serial# and description of each piece of gear.
(Please mark your cables and adapters, too.)
Take both lists to the staff member on duty at the con room desk for equipment check-in. Keep one list & leave the other at the con room desk. You will not be allowed to take equipment into the con room without checking it in first. You will not be allowed to remove equipment from the con room without an equipment list matching the one on file at the con room desk. This is to prevent items from walking off, disputes and/or equipment mix-ups. If you end up buying/swapping/selling stuff, please make a note of the serial numbers!

Oh, and leave the 'tude at home.