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R00tWarz by HackSec, this year Angus himself will be here
LAN Gaming hosted by CyberDawgs
Panels of interest, investigation, information, and numerous other "i" words.
Rocky Horror Picture Show - Obligatory Midnight showing on Friday night - BYOT (Bring Your Own Toast)
Mini-Rave Saturday night courtesy of Moloch
Geek Gamez - assorted miscellany


Tentative SCHEDULE - Extremely subject to change!
(A schedule for the Palm Pilot has been setup by Moloch.org)
02:00 pmGaming LAN comes online and runs all weekend in Dekalb A ballroom
03:00 pm Hotel Check-In
Anime & Music begin playing all weekend in Dekalb C ballroom
Trader's and Vendor's Bazaar opens in Conference room 3
05:00 pmR00tWarz comes online in Dekalb B
06:00 pmOpening Ceremonies in Dekalb C
07:00 pm"Network FUNdamentals" talk with daPlumber in Doraville room
08:00 pm "Smoke & Mirrors - A Primer in Laser Light Displays Displays" - LaughingBoy in Dekalb A
"Pirate Radio" with Woofus in Doraville room
Trader's and Vendor's Bazaar closes in Conference room 3
09:00 pm"It's the end of Napster as we know it" - Pete Welborn, of EFGA, in Doraville
10:30 pm"Rant of the Hour" with various se2600 members in Doraville
12:00 am Rocky Horror Picture Show - Live in Dekalb C
R00tWarz (monitored/judged) powers down for the night
02:00 amLasers and Music all night - LaughingBoy and various mixers in Dekalb C

08:00 am((Gaming still running in Dekalb A & B ballrooms))
09:00 amTrader's and Vendor's Bazaar opens in Conference room 3
10:00 am "Quantum Computing Overview" panel with Melon in Doraville
R00tWarz monitoring restarts in Dekalb B
Open panel rooms Conference room 7
11:00 am "Security Overview" with HugMe in Doraville
"Collaborative Content Generation" open discussion with Angus in Conference room 7
12:00 pm"The Art of Rootkit & Own-fu" panel with Optyx in Dekalb C
01:00 pm"Speech Integration ~or~ whatever comes to mind" with Mandrake in Doraville
01:30 pmGeek Gamez - Dekalb C
02:00 pm "Evas. under X Windows. It works." with The Rasterman in Doraville
"Minors in Hacking, Technology in Education" with Fuller and Lothar
03:00 pm "Strategic IDS" with Ron Gula in Doraville
"Tesla Coils" with Sam & Gibby in Conference room 7
04:00 pm "Codes & Cyphers, Part 1: the Analog Age" with jonnyx in Doraville
"Hackers: Their Subculture and its Multicultural Education" with Lothar in Conference 7
Geek Gamez winding down and cleaning up
05:00 pm "Buffer Overflows" with Optyx in Dekalb C
Open panel rooms Doraville & Conference room 7
06:00 pm Trader's and Vendor's Bazaar closes in Conference room 3
R00tWarz monitoring goes offline for the evening
06:30 pm"Windows password auditing through NetBIOS" with Sir Dystic in Dekalb C
07:00 pm Open panel room Doraville
Moloch takes over Conference room 7 for the night
08:00 pm"Cybertr@que and other videos" with Moloch in Conference room 7
09:00 pm"Rant of the Hour" with various se2600 members in Doraville
10:00 pm Trivial Issues game starts in Doraville
Lasers and Music all night - LaughingBoy and various mixers in Dekalb C
12:00 amMini-Rave all night long by Moloch in Conference room 7
02:00 amR00tWarz unsupervised mayhem starts, runs till 10:00 am

06:00 am Loud, raucous snoring
(Gaming & R00tWarz still running in Dekalb A & B ballrooms)
08:00 amDie hards quietly sipping coffee in quiet discussion forum in Dekalb C
09:00 amTrader's and Vendor's Bazaar opens in Conference room 3
10:00 am "Rant of the Hour" with various se2600 members in Dekalb C
R00tWarz ends winner's tallying starts
12:00 pm Network goes offline
Trader's and Vendor's Bazaar closes in Conference room 3
"You tell us" Awards and Closing Ceremonies in Dekalb C
R00tWarz winners announced Dekalb C
01:00 pmHotel Check-out

(continuing) teardown & cleanup - Volunteers Greatly Appreciated!!


R00tWarz Rules:

1. Protect yourself at all times.
2. Each team/participant will be given one static IP address, default gateway, and DNS server to use.
3. Buffer Overflows are totally acceptable, however; DoS'ing and network flooding will not be tolerated.
4. Deleting/disabling/Renaming the root/administrator account is not allowed.
5. Targets are protected/segmented by a firewall. This firewall is NOT a target and should NOT be attacked. It's there for logging purposes only. Anything perceived as an attack could evoke the wrath of the godz.
6. There are multiple ways to score points (see below.) At the end of the play period, points will be tallied. The player or team with the highest score wins. In the event of a tie, HSK tribal council will make an enlightened ruling.
7. Have phun!

Point Index:

X number of machines/devices will exist on the network. Find each host and ?

50 points a. Obtain the encrypted file named FLAGx
75 points b. Deface every web page you discover with easily identifiable HTM/HTML (must be visually confirmed by HSK R00TWARS team member.) HINT: repairing hole may keep others from gaining defacement points.
100 points c. Gain root/administrator access and create a new super user account. You must maintain control of this account throughout the contest. At the end of the contest, all account holders will be required to successfully authenticate the account to receive their points.
25 points d. Throughout the contest, various "mobile/transient" devices will appear. They will stay on the network until they are Owned (compromised root/administrator account - bonus goes to first one to produce the encrpted FLAG.)

All rules subject to change or revision up to the time the contests actively start.


FBI - Computer Crime Squad were jazzed about speaking, but then got called away to DC for some international spy investigation or other...

other panels and/or fill-ins may appear - or not.

"Network FUNdamentals" with daPlumber (Because no-one believes "James Dean" is his real name.) In his day job James is a systems plumber/engineer for a large systems It is absolutely untrue that the Battlebot that James is building contains parts from a million dollar supercomputer. James has an unfortunate love of bad puns, a long suffering wife and a toddler, not necessarily in that order. In his day job and for home use James has had to learn Networking the hard way: by screwing it up more often than not. James is hoping to save you some of the mental anguish and expense. Covering from "What is a Network?" to setting up a simple home network with detours on "things important to gamers" and all the way through to firewall fundamentals and how the Internet really works. The focus is primarily Ethernet and IP, but other technologies are mentioned to illustrate some of the theory.

"Smoke and Mirrors - A Primer In Laser Light Displays" with LaughingBoy, SE2600's resident laser geek. Laughing Boy gives away 10 years worth of trade secrets of the laser display industry. Find out the history behind laser shows; where the industry was is and is going. Learn about the different types of lasers used and the pros and cons of each, and find out how the effects you see at concerts trade shows and raves are created.

"Pirate Radio" with Woofus, 615 resident, Ham operator since 1995, Free radio and television advocate. Listening and transmitting short-wave and FM pirate signals. FCC rules and regulations. Mail drops. When and where to listen. Low power FM. Offshore. How to setup your own pirate radio station.

"It's the End of Napster As We Know It" with Pete Welborn. Pete Wellborn is a partner of the Arnall Golden Gregory and is the co-founder and Chairman of of the firm's Internet and New Technologies Practice Group (Arnall Golden Gregory's technology practice). His clients include Internet Service Providers ("ISP's"), hardware wholesalers and retailers, software developers and resellers, defense contractors, and other technology and e-commerce companies. Pete will be exploring the recent decision handed down in Federal Court regarding Napster, the implications on peer-to-peer technology, and the emerging new standard of vicarious infringement of intellectual property rights.

"Rant of the Hour" completely audience interactive with various se2600 members. Whatever is interesting or irritating at the moment to whomever shows up - these discussions range from intellectual to volatile, entertaining to enlightening, depending on who shows.

"Quantum Computing Overview" with Melon. Melon has been described as "the Really cute particle/quantum physics geek chick" who gave "the clearest explanation for some of this stuff I've ever heard." Melon will be talking about what we can do, how we can do it, and what we've done so far. How are quantum computers different from conventional computers? Will they ever completely replace conventional computers?

"Security Overview" with our own huggable HugMe (who may wear a skirt as well, who can tell?) Data security from top to bottom, starting with the lock on your door and moving forward from there. How to install it, how to break it, how to make it better.

"Collaborative Content generation and the Age of Independent Consultants" with Angus Blitter -Hack Sec Klahn Open Discussion/Recruiting Crusade: Collaborative Content generation and the Age of Independent Consultants. Can free relevant content survive the "Correction"? It's Doubtful!

"The art of rootkit and 0wn-fu" with Optyx of Uberhax0r Communications - ph33r th3 d33r. How to get in unnoticed, how to make sure you can get back in. Covers various methods of network intrusion (just an overview as the main focus of this talk is how to be a krad rootkit ninja). Covers various methods of rootkits from /bin/login backdoors to LKM (loadable kernel module) hacking.

"Speech Integration ~or~ whatever comes to mind" with Mandrake. Mandrake has contributed to a lot of different projects over the years, and still has about 2 lines of code left in The Gimp. He's also contributed to a lot of other projects, some of which include GNOME, Gtk+, CMU Sphinx, and XFree86, as well as talked to lots of companies about the ramifications of releasing the source code to their work, and the effects of things like the GPL and BSD licensing on Intellectual Property. Although he states he's spoken at what feels like a million and one linux conferences, and attended probably twice as many, even Mandrake isn't quite sure what he'll be discussing, but we can guarantee it will be, er, something.

"Evas: hardware accelerated canvas & alpha blending and anti-aliasing under X Windows. It works." with Carsten Haitzler (The Rasterman) The author of the window manager, enlightenment, the imaging libraries imlib1, imlib2, and evas. Having written code in gtk+, gnome, and several other projects, Raster has a wide experience in the graphics and user interface field under X11 and Linux, and continues to push the bleeding edge further. Quietly in the bowels of some CVS repository in a galaxy far far away some code has been brewing... The results? Anti-aliased text in X with full hardware acceleration AND optimized software paths included, hardware accelerated image scaling and blending, to make stunning user interfaces on the Linux desktop a reality. This paper will cover what was needed to get this far, the pitfalls of working on such a project and the great benefits and how to take advantage of the work that has gone into this.

"Minors in Hacking, Technology in Education" with Fuller and Lothar. Fuller is a relatively young hacker who has been in the scene for 7 years. He is currently employed in the IT department of a financial institution and works with a small but growing group of youth from local high schools to teach them how to put their knowledge to good use. Minors have had a major role in the hacking community. Laws, experiences, heroes and merit-based education are examined from both an academic perspective and that of our youngest members. Parents, learn why you should encourage your kids, what they are really up to, and how full of bs most mainstream media is when reporting "hacker" stories. How can you help increase your school's technology curriculum? How can you help Mentor kids and lead them to a path of the light side of hacking and not just petty vandalism or being a script kiddie.

"Strategic IDS" with Ron Gula via Enterasys. Prior to entering the commercial sector, Ron was a Captain in the USAF and performed network security assessments and network security research for a variety of sensitive military, government and intelligence systems. After that, he went on to perform network security assessments against Fortune 500 commercial and government networks before founding Network Security Wizards (NSW), producer of the Dragon Intrusion Detection System. Ron will discuss a variety of traditional and non-traditional IDS technologies that can be used to scale to defend nation-states with some side trips into large scale NIDS, Dragon, Tripwire, mapping the Internet via BGP tables, high volume honeypots, and other goodies.

"Tesla Coils" with Sam and Gibby. Sam and Gibby will be speaking about Tesla Coils, high voltage, and how not to die painfully in either of the before mentioned. The panel will consist of a brief and terse description followed by questions and answers and hopefully a demonstration. Panel information will be in Conference room 7, demonstration will not be anywhere near any working computers.

"Codes & Cyphers, Part 1: the Analog Age" With jonnyx, se2600 (Nashville chapter.) Radio personality and religious icon jonnyx explores data encryption and cryptanalysis techniques prior to WWII. Discussed will be the differences between codes, ciphers, and stenography; commercial US military encryption; telegraph, pneumatic tube, and semaphore systems (i.e. "The Victorian Internet"), governments and attempts to control encryption (sound familiar?) There will be several examples of encoding and cracking messages using various techniques; audience Q&A; and handouts with resources - recommended reading and pointers to more Info.

"Hackers: Their Subculture and its Multicultural Educational Considerations" with Lothar. Lothar is a first-year Ph.D. student at the University of Georgia in the College of Education seeking to do his dissertation on (who'da guessed?) hacker culture and its role in instructional technology implementation in education. Though possessing minimal programming experience, he tries to make up for his geekdom by learning more programming and being a shameless anime otaku. The current scholarly literature on multicultural education has overlooked hackers as a subculture with unmet educational needs. This panel gives a brief description of this subculture within a framework of multicultural analysis, and gives suggestions on how the educational system can become more responsive to their needs for learning, as well as for teaching.

"Buffer Overflows: What are they? How to exploit them various ways." Optyx of Uberhax0r Communications. How to find buffer overflows., how to write shellcode, various shellcode methods to avoid IDS's, buffer overflow protection, chroot breaking, and more.

"Windows password auditing through NetBIOS." with Sir Dystic, Cult of the Dead Cow. Longtime member of oldskool tfile group "Cult of the Dead Cow" and author of the original Back Orifice, Sir Dystic will be showing how to gather information about and pound on the front door of Windows 9x and NT/2000 servers.

"You tell us" Awards and Closing Ceremonies with your hosts the @LANta.CON organizers Accolades and Awards to the winners of R00tWarz and the continual weekend long Geek Gamez and your opportunity to give us live feedback on what rocked, what flopped, and what will make next year even better.

Don't say you weren't given a chance to be heard.


Geek Gamez

Got a really cool new toy? Ever wondered what to do with all those extra AOL CD's? Have a working PDP-11? Just *had* to paint your laptop ala Crash Override? Been collecting "interesting" files for a while? You've come to the right place.

Gamez will be of two types: Those that take place during the hands-on session and those that happen throughout the con. How to tell the difference? Well, if it doesn't happen during the hands-on session....

Major portions blatantly, er, "borrowed" from PhreakNIC: "Medals" may or may not be awarded in the following categories:
  • AOL CD Golf/Basketball (get the CD into the can)
  • Best use for a computer that doesn't involve turning it on
  • First to spot a Fed
  • First fed to give/trade us an agency coffee mug
  • Coolest looking mutilated apparel (still wearable)
  • CD Tower of doom - highest able to hold weight wins
  • Best and/or most tasteless background or theme; this may be one or two awards - depends on the bg/theme
  • Most k-rad laptop (think decorated)
  • Coolest geek toy
  • Best pr0n collection; the winner of this category gets a keyboard cover and some monitor wipes.
  • Best juarez collection
  • Oldest juarez collection
  • Oldest working computer, defined below:
    • It powers up without catching on fire, it actually boots, you can type stuff on it and it responds correctly.
    • Extra bonus points if you can play some sort of game in it.
    • Mega extra points if you can network it.
  • Most hacked computer, with Honorable Mention to first r00ted
  • Most traveled distance to the con
  • Most harrowing trip
  • Biggest caravan
  • Most insane contraption brought to/built at the con
  • Most creative picture/graphic
  • The Most Unbelievably Mind-Numbing Award for the most unbelievably mind-numbing event/story/thing to happen at @LANta.CON
  • Most interesting category invented during @LANta.CON
  • Best registered domain name by someone attending @LANta.CON
  • Miscellaneous Honorable Mentions: all the stuff we haven't thought of but should have awards
Remember, Even though it's April Fool's weekend, PLEASE!! Don't Break the Hotel!